Who We Are!

Are you an Atlanta area actor looking to spice up YOUR Demo Reel?

Demos for Reel is a collaborative production company based in the Atlanta area who specialize in creating affordable Demo Reels for Actors. Our crew consists of talented professionals who are working on all aspects of major productions around the Atlanta and surrounding areas. With our background consisting of Independent Movies to Hollywood Movies we will ensure HIGH QUALITY Professional footage every time.

Demos For Reel is the 1 stop shop to help you produce, shoot, and edit a High Quality Demo Reel that specializes in recreating that Hollywood look casting directors are wanting to see!

STOP letting Casting Directors view bad quality footage on your reel! Casting Directors are KNOWN to skip over looking at bad quality audition tapes, don't you think they will do the same after looking at your reel? Give them something that accentuates your abilities to help you land that next big role!

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!!

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