TJ_GarlandTJ Garland – A graduate of The Art Institute of Atlanta, T.J. Garland has made film and acting his career and life. He has worked in every facet of the industry from sound utility and directing to ADR and post-production. His experience ranges all the way from indie projects, to pilots, TV series, and feature films. His passion and drive for knowledge of the craft has kept his work fruitful, and he’s always looking to improve his works. He lives by the words, “Know your limitations and always seek self improvement.” T.J. is a US Marine veteran and a member of the IATSE Local 479 film union in Atlanta GA. He is actively working on several projects of his own where he is writing, producing and even acting. On the personal side, T.J. has recently become a father and family man. He enjoys all things superhero and comic books with Batman being in the lead. When he is not working, he is constantly thinking and creating new projects to further his career. Through years of training and experience, T.J. Garland has embodied the world of film and all that it entails; yet he continues to grow and look towards the future.



keith_brooks Keith Brooks – An Atlanta based actor most known for his roles in The Walking Dead, NBC’s Constantine, and Doobious.org‘s Sweater Critiques. He received his Bachelors in Theatre from Berry College, and a joint Masters degree in acting from The Juilliard School and New York University. As well as being an accomplished actor, he is well known as a writer, and director of short films, web content, television programming, and feature film. He is a nunchuck enthusiast, renowned diabetic, and excited to be doing business with you.




John Prew – Being a jack of all trades has allowed this renaissance man the opportunity to hone his craft as an all around filmmaker. With the gift for creating unique and colorful content, his writing continues to inform his work.  A co-owner of a respected film studio, John sharpens his crafts as an editor, DP, and photographer while producing a number of music videos, films and sketch comedies. His background in dance and kung fu permits him to fashion choreography and stunts that are all his own.



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